To book with us, please directly message your chosen artist on Instagram following their instructions (bookings form etc).
If you have a general enquiry please feel free to message the shop directly on Instagram or give us a call on 01202 253241
When you book with us, you will be asked for a deposit to secure the space. This is standard practise and will be a percentage of the overall cost of your tattoo.


The deposit will need to be placed within 2 days of being offered a slot to confirm the space as yours. If we do not receive the deposit or communication from you, the space will be given to someone else.
The deposit will be non refundable however comes off the overall price on the day. If you need to move your deposit for any reason, this is absolutely fine, we just ask for at least two days notice to do so.
We have a three time movement policy, meaning if you cancel/reschedule more than three times, your deposit will be absorbed regardless and you may no longer to be able to book with your artist.